A Teaching Journey to Strive, Write, and Discover.

Digital Learning Environment

Recommendations about digital tools that serve as useful and feasible resources.

This is an amazing resource that can be used to supplement and focus curriculum. I use it a lot to assign independent reading that we spend time debating and discussing on the last day of class for each week. You can also upload your own and assign for students to complete.

This is an incredible resource to organize students and to facilitate discussions outside the classroom. Many templates can be customized and copied across classes. You get three free padlets that have to be deleted when you fill them or you can pay $10/month for unlimited padlets.

Defining Global Competence and Global Education

Definitions and resources.

teaching for GC Asia Society.pdf

Teaching for Global Competence in a Rapidly Changing World


Global Education Assessment Tools

Tools teachers and schools can use for assessing global competence.

Organizations in the Field

An ever-changing list of organizations working at the intersection of education and global, who have tools, resources, and opportunities available to support educators.

Additional Resources

A collection of resources for site visitors to familiarize with the foundational underpinnings of global education.